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History and today

History and today

Enikon d.d. is a construction company specialised for building power and industrial plants with an extensive experience on both domestic and international markets. It’s headquarters are in Zagreb, Veslačka 6.

Enikon History


Company founded

Enikon d.d. has grown out of a small workshop for repair of machines and equipment that was founded in 1950 in Zagreb.


By merger with another workshop pursuing similar activities in 1953, a construction company, Jugomontaža, was founded. The focus of its activities was on erecting chemical plants.


In 1972 Jugomontaža merged with Ventilator, a company for manufacture of fans, heating equipment and silos and it continued its extended operations under the name Juvent.


In 1977 the Monting Group was created as a result of a merger of Juvent, Braća Kavurić and Industromontaža, the companies with a similar profile as Juvent. The Group soon underwent organizational restructuring, the result of which was the creation of Montmontaža, a construction company.


The Organization for Erection of Processing and Chemical Plants was a division of this company that separated from Montmontaža in 1989 and started operating on its own under the company name Enikon.

Enikon d.d.

Since 1992 the company has been privately held, operating under the name Enikon d.d., company for construction of power plants and industrial plants.


Company Today

The company has developed into an organization capable of successfully meeting any project requirements, providing project management in all stages of a project, including design, supply and installation of complete technological units. It provides construction services in mining, oil, pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, cement and other industries as well as in the energy sector worldwide.

Company Goal

The company’s goal is to continuously develop all of its activities. In order to meet the demands of its customers and to be competitive on the market, the Company follows technological developments and uses state-of-the-art technologies in its business processes. The Company places a particular focus on introducing new technologies and training of human resources.